APT Multi-Channel

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Modular Audio Codec solution – AoIP, MPXoIP, Data/GPIO and E1/T1 modules



Powerful and highly versatile, the APT Multi-Channel 1U platform is the latest addition to APT WorldCast Systems highly successful family of multi-algorithm, multi-channel audio and data multiplexers.

With redundant PSU’s as standard the APT Multi-Channel delivers a high channel density. Configured with AoIP modules, it supports up to 16 channels of audio encoding and/or decoding within a single unit of rack space – with the IP engine per card supporting multicast or multiple unicast technology.

The platform can accommodate up to 4 x AoIP modules, 4 x Analogue MPXoIP modules or a mix of both.  Each module is the equivalent of a stand-alone stereo duplex audio codec, combining audio, dual IP transport, auxiliary data and system control on board. The user can switch between Dual Stereo mode and Quad Simplex mode enabling four channel encode or four channel decode using the software with no need for additional hardware, dual redundant PSU’s as AC/AC, AC/DC or DC/DC complete the Telco grade nature of the APT Multi-Channel AoIP.


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