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With over 36 years experience in broadcasting and professional audio, the Baudion team of broadcast engineers and can help you plan, update or design a complete studio installation, audio contribution or STL distribution network. Pioneering the use of affordable IP ADSL connectivity for reliable broadcast grade performance our long experience in this field allows us to offer innovative, flexible and fully supported networking solutions.

Additionally, using the flexibility of the Wheatstone WheatNet audio solution or Ogden Opal and Onyx A/V router system and our extensive outboard and communications products, we can provide a complete solution all the way from microphone to transmitter……yes we supply transmitters!

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CODEC Applications Guide

If you need to send programme (audio content) with minimal delay from one location to another, you need a suitably designed connection scheme. The device that interfaces the audio equipment to the communications medium is called a CODEC – short for EnCOder/DECoder. For broadcast sound work, especially when low-delay (or “latency”) is required, a special range of algorithms has emerged, integrated within equipment designed to interface studios and routing systems. Baudion offers an extensive range of professional codecs suitable for such purposes.

Baudion has been involved in ISDN connectivity from the outset providing several solutions and still offers several ISDN based products alongside our IP solutions. ISDN was the long established means of establishing “live”  occasional audio contribution links and as back-up paths for studio to transmitter links.

With the advent of IP connectivity via computer networks and the internet, audio links may be established over this medium, offering more flexibility than was generally possible with ISDN. However, whilst company-wide, managed networks can be made to work very well when correctly designed and configured, using the internet for real time audio connections is a specialist field. The internet medium is prone to packet delays and losses which will vary depending on the network conditions. In short, effects such as audio drop-out and strange noises may occur, rendering the link unusable for professional applications and that is where APT WorldCast Systems “SureStream” technology unit comes into its own.

IP Connection Enhancement

To minimise audio disturbances when using internet (ADSL) connections, an add on for most existing RTP based IP codecs   APT SureStreamer

Rack Mount Audio Codecs include:

Stereo Audio CODEC, low-delay multi algorithm (Standalone, Rack mount, 2 in 1U)   Baudion PIPA C211-DDC
Stereo Audio CODEC, low-delay multi algorithm (1U, Rack mount)   APT IP Codec, Baudion PIPA C211-MP
Stereo Audio CODEC using multi algorithms via IP with auto-changeover  Baudion PIPA C211-DAX
Stereo Audio CODEC using multi algorithms via IP and ISDN (1U)    APT IP/ISDN Codec
Multi-Channel IP/E1 CODEC, Dual PSU  AC/AC, DC/DC, AC/DC   APT AoIP Multi-Channel Codec 1U