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Stereo IP audio codec AC/DC In, 4 x DC Out. PCM, Eapt-X™, MPEG 4 AAC HE. AES & Analogue.

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PIPA C211-MP from Baudion is a fully featured Stereo IP audio codec ideal for STL, Contribution and Distribution uses. Its low power requirements alongside both AC and 12v DC power supplies as well as an external Battery input (which also charges the battery), make it the codec of choice for remote un-supported installations and revenue impacting services.

This latest generation IP audio codec, based on a resilient DSP platform, offers a wide range of algorithms including Enhanced apt-X®, MPEG2/4: AAC HE v1/ v2, MPEG 1/2 Layer II, MPEG4: AAC-LC/LD/ELD alongside PCM Linear 16 and 24 bit encoding.

Featuring dual IP ports for separate control/monitoring and audio/data (also available on both ports simultaneously), traffic alongside its dual redundant power supplies. PIPA C211-MP enhances the service availability of your content where continuity of service is paramount.

As an integral part of the PIPA family of products PIPA C211-MP provides 4 x 12v DC outputs (locking) for redundant powering of Routers or other PIPA C211 units. DC power outlets may be switched via GPIO (local OR remotely) for re-booting of connected equipment.

With in-built silence detection for both audio In and audio Out you can be assured that the effect of any programme failures or circuit outages can be minimised as local audio can be automatically inserted into the output audio stream under user configurable alarm conditions.

Payload agnostic IP forwarding which can be configured as Decode and Forward of audio, Forward only and Decode and Forward of data, allowing for increased redundancy options in a network.

SureStream from WorldCast Systems is an optional addition to C211-MP allowing the use of low cost ADSL and public networks for network connectivity, with minimal or no additional latency associated with FEC, this along with the included powerful scripting language “ScriptEasy” allows for extremely flexible configuration of the C211-MP.

MPX transmission mode of the Codec accepts sample rates up to 192 kHz providing a data path of 88 kHz, with the MPX signal sampled at FS 192 kHz. The transmission format is always linear PCM and you can select a bit resolution of 16 or 24 Bit.

Analogue or AES presented audio can be either multicast or multiple EBU N/ACIP compliant unicast streamed up to 10 separate destinations and presented simultaneously as both balanced Analogue or AES via XLRs. Confidence enhancing front panel metering of both audio in and audio out along with alarm indicators add to the in-service capabilities along with the web browser interface for more in depth remote monitoring, control and configuration.

Alternatively, the compact 1/2 U wide PIPA C211-DDC with all its feature sets, redundancies, controllability and flexible portability is an extremely cost effective solution for temporary links, outside broadcasts and vehicles with its DC powering.


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