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Multi-algorithm,  IP/ISDN/ X.21/V.35 Stereo audio codec primarily for studio to transmitter links.

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Primarily designed for Studio to Transmitter links and inter studio contribution, the APT IP/ISDN Codec is a fully duplex stereo audio codec for IP, ISDN (2 BRI) and X.21/V.35 circuits. With both analogue and AES/EBU (AES 3) audio interfaces as standard, providing simultaneous analogue and digital outputs, it is ideal for AES distribution or STL chains with an analogue monitoring network (or Vice Versa!)

The standard algorithm suite includes: Linear PCM (16/24 bit resolution), Enhanced apt-X® (16/24 bit), MPEG 1 Layer II, MPEG Layer III, G.711 and G.722

For ISDN – interfaces with Mucas Bonding, L3 Telos Bonding, CCS, H221 & Hitachi ISDN Bonding for added flexibility.

“AutoSyncTM” feature of Enhanced apt-X® ensures robust connection under stressed network conditions and super fast, automatic reconection if a link is dropped over ISDN or Ethernet. The loss of a single ISDN channel or a whole bearer results only in a reduction of the audio bandwidth to the ISDN data rate that remains (when using Eapt-X). APT IP/ISDN Codec automatically re-builds the bandwidth as the ISDN connectivity comes back on line. EXCELLENT for remotes and OB’s !!

Extra resilience is available with the Dual PSU option.