Audemat DAB Probe

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QoS Monitoring – Measure – Analysis – Verify

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Audemat DAB Probe is a complete DAB radio monitoring solution for advanced signal analysis, on-tx site and in the Broadcast coverage area. Designed to be installed in SFN or MFN networks (Single or Multiple Frequency Networks), the Audemat DAB Probe is feature-packed with a user-friendly web interface, alarm notification by email or SNMP traps and is equipped with a telemetry board (via ScriptEasy) and balanced analogue and AES audio output on XLR.

Audemat DAB Probe

Advanced software tools enable deep signal and content analysis, impulse response representation, TII, audio streaming, ETI recording and more.


Audemat DAB Probe

Designed for an optimal monitoring experience, Audemat DAB Probe includes visual slide-shows, DLS and services display to enable users to listen and view in real-time the same content as their listeners.

Key Features
  • Detect Broadcast Channels
  • Qualify MUX Reception Quality
  • Remote On-Air Verification
  • Real time quality audio decoder simultaneous AES and Analogue

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