APT AoIP Module

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AoIP Module for APT Multi-Channel Codec Frame – 4 channel duplex audio/data

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Each module is the equivalent of a stand-alone stereo duplex audio codec, combining audio, dual IP transport, auxiliary data and system control on board. The user can switch between Dual Stereo mode and Quad Simplex mode enabling four channel encode or four channel decode using the software with no need for additional hardware, dual redundant PSU’s complete the Telco grade nature of the APT Multi-Channel AoIP.

The APT AoIP codec module offers a wide range of audio formats, including: Linear PCM 16/24Bit, aptX® Enhanced16/24Bit, MPEG1/2 LII, MPEG2 HE-AAC & HE-AACv2, MPEG4 AAC LC/LD/ELD, HE-AACv1/v2  and modes meeting the audio industry’s requirements: simplex, duplex, AES/EBU, AES/EBU with analogue backup, analogue with HI/LO or 600Ω impedance.

AoIP modules support APT’s award winning SureStream technology for high quality audio over open internet (ADSL) links and non managed network topologies.

The AoIP module is fully compatible with the earlier 3U APT Oslo platform, offering the same commitment to reliability and audio quality that has made the APT Oslo the choice of many national broadcasters and Telco’s worldwide.

Headline Features
  • 192kHz Sampling supports Digital MPX over AES and fully digital transfer*
  • Deliver up to 24 IP audio streams per module
  • Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint operation
  • Four Independent Clock Domains per module
  • Supports a variety of protocols including: UDP RTP/RTCP, SIP/STUN#, SAP#, DHCP,  DDNS, NTP, IGMP, ICMP, VLAN Tagging#, SNMP, UPnP
  • Control/Monitor  via web browser or the NMS, monitor via WorldCast Manager
  • Performance monitoring on individual IP streams
  • User selectable packet size for each stereo audio channel
  • Configurable delay-jitter buffer for each receive IP stream (1 ms to 5000 ms)
  • Supports Dynamic DNS and UPnP IGD protocol, “Diffserv” (QoS) on variable DSCP values
  • Forwarding of audio or non-audio (such as PAD or HD Exporter data) UDP Streams
  • Headphone socket for audio monitoring
  • Aux data (embedded/non-embedded) and opto-coupled control inputs.
  • Supports APT’s award winning SureStream Technology for high quality audio over open internet links

* = Cost Option