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Manufacturers   APT, Audemat, Ecreso and Kybio
Audio Codecs, Telemetry, Signal Monitoring, Processing, Transmitters & Network Management

APT, one of the original audio codec manufacturers of professional and broadcast standard audio codecs, offer a selection of AoIP, E1, X21 and ISDN audio codecs from standard stereo units to modular Telco grade multi-channel audio codecs.

High Performance Stereo Audio Solutions

  • APT IP Codec  Stereo, Multi-Algorithm, MPXoIP, Web GUI, GPI’s, Serial data.
  • APT IP/ISDN Codec  Stereo, X.21, Multi-Algorithm, FEC, GPI’s, Serial data.

Telco Grade – Modular 1U Multi-Channel Solutions

Integration and redundancy

  • APT WorldCast SureStreamer – resilient real-time audio connectivity over lossy and inexpensive IP circuits (e.g. DSL) and APT SureStream plug-in for all current APT and Baudion Codecs.

Audemat, a suite of powerful and adaptable products from the highly popular FMB80 RDS encoder to the high specification portable FM Test and Measurement FM MC5. Other products include RF, FM, DVB-T monitoring solutions, signal processors and remote control equipment.

Ecreso, high quality, high dependability FM transmitters and re-broadcast solutions from100W to 10KW.

  • Digital FM modulator “Direct to Channel”, Highest signal quality and perfect audio fidelity
  • Several built-in tools with control of all signal parameters, Advanced Measurement Interface (AMI)
  • Proactive maintenance data, Intuitive web interface and support of SNMP protocols

Kybio, vendor-agnostic, centralized Monitoring & Control platform

 Manufacturers   Content Management, Playout Systems and Archive

RadioMan® – Comprehensive and scaleable radio automation platform for any size radio broadcaster. The RadioMan® Enterprise Edition radio automation platform is designed for large radio broadcasters and content producers. meeting extensive media asset management needs and distribution to multiple channels.

RadioMan® ACCESS – Cloud-native radio broadcasting system for commercial and public radio broadcasters.

Manufacturers     Audioarts and VoxPro
Digital and Analogue Consoles, Processing, Networking and Audio Editing

If it’s audio broadcast, it’s happening at Wheatstone, manufacturing broadcast audio products, from digital consoles and control surfaces such as the LX and LXE, Audioarts mixers to fully integrated audio over IP (AoIP) routing systems as well as spectral audio processing for On Air and over the internet, plus a wide variety of studio and broadcast kit for radio and commercial installations.

Mission Critical, Failsafe, Bulletproof – just some of the words people use to describe the Wheatstone range of studio products. Installed in more broadcast facilities than any other console brand, Wheatstone and Audioarts provide complete programme access and control for your broadcast facility.

Manufacturers       PC Audio, CobraNet, Livewire and FM/DAB/DAB+ Tuner Cards

A range of high performance PC audio cards for professional audio applications alongside solutions for radio logging, TV reception and store-casting. Drivers are available for Windows®, Linux and Mac OS. There are test applications for waveform mixing and signal generation.

Cost Effective – High Performance

AudioScience use the latest, most cost-effective DSP technology and compression algorithms to solve specific customer problems, such as how to provide multi-stream digital audio I/O on a PC platform.

MRX – Multi-Rate Streaming

Enabling playback and mixing of stereo MPEG Layer II & MP3 audio streams with different sample rates, whilst recording another stereo stream at a different sample rate. AudioScience soundcards integrate seamlessly into nearly any computer-driven professional audio environment and are compatible with the most popular broadcast software and hardware.