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Tired of flaky remotes Audio or Video? Easy 3G/4G and/or ADSL remotes

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APT Mobile SureStreamer delivers pristine, uninterrupted Audio (or Video) from the field to ensure
your remote is a success.
SureStream technology set an early precedent for delivering flawless audio over affordable
public internet links and is now well-established as the technology of choice for professional
AoIP STLs with 1000’s of licenses sold worldwide.
Now, bring all the benefits of SureStream to your Remotes and home studio…
APT Mobile SureStreamer employs dual path audio over two redundant 3/4G networks
of any combination to deliver you with a rock-solid connection. Set-up is pre-configured
in the station beforehand so that tech or talent can connect immediately on start-up
  • Rock-solid remote connection over 3G/4G/DSL networks
  • 6 hours battery life with easy swap-out or mains back-up options
  • Simple power-up & connect makes it suitable for non-technical personnel
  • Compatible with existing codecs
  • Direct connection to any SureStream-enabled decoder
  • Four universal Ethernet ports allow connection to any type of network
  • access, e.g., xDSL, WIFI router, 3G/4G Router (supplied), Cable modem,
  • Satellite terminal, IP Radio link and any other Enterprise network
  • Can utilise cost-effective software IP audio codecs
  • Full duplex connection
  • Not just Audio ! Protect your UDP Video & Live Media streams with SureStream
Package Includes
Two 3G/4G modems with internal/external antennas
APT SureStreamer
Battery pack with charging status indicator
Protective Carry bag
Audio codec (hardware or software) e.g Baudion C211 DDC or DAC, APT IP Codec

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