Perfect IP on DSL

Benefit from the cost savings and reliability offered by APT SureStream, protect your AoIP stream without investing in new Codec hardware.

Interfacing with most single port IP audio and video Codecs from any manufacturer alongside accepting a DAB EDI input, the APT SureStreamer enables the use of affordable IP audio and video connections to deliver a seamless content stream, even when one of the contributory links suffers a total Loss of Connection.Using two or more separate internet connections, the APT SureStreamer allows broadcasters to send the same audio content over divergent paths for increased redundancy. The 25Mb throughput handling makes the SureStreamer also suitable for HD Video contribution and distribution. Additionally the sophisticated generation and resequencing engine of SureStream further increases the robustness and reliability of the connection.

With the DAB/Data plug-in licence activated you can transport DAB EDI along with an IP audio stream.

Overall, the system ensures that one perfectly seamless, reconstructed stream is presented by the decoder to interface with many existing IP audio and video codecsĀ  achieving the reliability & audio quality you expect from an E1 or point-to-point Ethernet circuit using affordable public internet connections.

Broadcasters worldwide are currently operating hundreds of SureStream links over a hugely diverse range of networks and for an amazing range of applications from STL to SSL and from syndicated content distribution (both Audio and Data) to remotes and contribution feeds.

Now, with minimum outlay, you can also join them and reap the benefits!!