MPX over IP

UsingĀ  MPX over IP allows for centralised signal processing; simultaneously encoding the output from the audio processor, stereo encoder and RDS encoder. This MPX signal is then distributed by an MPX codec to one or multiple locations over the IP network for direct injection to the Transmitter.… Read more »

Perfect IP on DSL

Benefit from the cost savings and reliability offered by APT SureStream, protect your AoIP stream without investing in new Codec hardware.

Interfacing with most single port IP audio and video Codecs from any manufacturer alongside accepting a DAB EDI input, the APT SureStreamer enables the use of affordable IP audio and video connections to deliver a seamless content stream, even when one of the contributory links suffers a total Loss of Connection.… Read more »

How a CODEC works

A CODEC simply means enCOder-DECoder. It generally refers to the process of changing information from one form to another digitally.

In todays world of sound and video, CODECs are used to take a programme signal and condition it for storage and retrieval… Read more »