Wheatstone MADI Blade

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MADI BLADE 64-channel MADI to IP and converting data streams to 64-channel MADI output.

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Wheatstone MADI Blade sub1The MADI BLADE bridges the gap between any MADI-capable audio gear or network and the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network. The MADI BLADE makes it possible to access existing TDM BRIDGE networks from WheatNet-IP control surfaces and other BLADEs, with access of up to 64 channels of audio. As a result, the WheatNet-IP network can now put to use audio from any system that utilises MADI.

This BLADE can be used to integrate your existing MADI gear to the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network. Like all BLADEs, it has built-in features such as two virtual mixers that make it possible to do so much more.

The MADI BLADE is an access point on the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network, converting a 64-channel MADI input to data streams on the network and converting data streams to 64-channel MADI outputs. It opens the door to new functionality for your MADI capable equipment.

As with other BLADEs, the MADI BLADE is connected via Gigabit Ethernet interface for fast network throughput with little to no latency and includes logic control, utility mixers and a dedicated controller that gives it its own intelligence. Each MADI BLADE is self-aware and can reconfigure itself in an emergency.

This BLADE has 12 GPIO and two eight-channel utility mixers for mixing, summing and controlling audio, which saves in hardware such as distribution amplifiers and gives this BLADE all kinds of flexibility for controlling audio sources anywhere in the network.