Qbit DAB+ DVB Transcoder

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Convert 8 DAB/DAB+ channels to a DVB-MPEG-2 IP or DVB-ASI transport stream.


QbitThe Qbit Q567 can receive up to 8 DAB/DAB+ radio channels and convert them to a DVB-compatible MPEG-2 transport stream.Ā Output can either be IP or DVB-ASI.
The device can be used to insert received DAB / DAB+ radio programs into the digital infrastructure of cable network operators.
Due to its DSP-based hardware, the Q567 DAB+ is compact and highly energy-efficient (< 2W per stereo channel) solution. Several ordering options are available to adapt the configuration to the customerĀ“s requirements in a flexible way.
  • 2 separate Ethernet interfaces (IEEE 802.3, RJ45) for data (IP streaming) and control (HTTP, SNMP, ancillary data)
  • DVB-ASI (EN 50083-9) output (optional)
  • 4 outputs (relay contacts)
  • 8 inputs (photo couplers, 5 .. 24V)
System Configuration, Control and Monitoring:
  • via IP web browser accessing the on-system HTTP
  • via IP/Ethernet using SNMP
  • via the front-panel keyboard and display