ASI 5408 CobraNet™

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Low Profile PCI CobraNet™ 4 Stereo channel Rx, Tx PCM audio Network Sound Cards

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The ASI5408 is professional PCI sound card designed for use in the installed sound and entertainment markets.

Using Cirrus Logic’s CobraNet™ technology for streaming audio over Ethernet, the ASI5408 provides 8 channels of CobraNet™ receive and transmit of CobraNet™ receive and transmit. These sound cards can interconenct with any CobraNet™ compliant device.

The AASI5408 is based on the TMS320C6713 floating point DSP connected to a high-speed bus-master PCI interface.

AudioScience MRX technology allows up to 8 streams of different sample rates to be played, recorded, and mixed over CobraNet™. A choice of 16, 24, and 32bit PCM is available on all streams.

** ASI5308 is PCIe version of same card.