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Powerful Monitoring & Control of SNMP and XML-RPC network devices.

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kybio media tab phone laptop pc KYBIO Media (aka WorldCast Manager) is a vendor-agnostic, centralised Monitoring & Control platform empowering businesses with real-time monitoring of their entire ecosystem, no matter how complex.



KYBIO Media is a powerful, scaleable unified Network Management Software solution, designed specifically for the broadcast, satellite and telco industries. It provides a centralised web interface (accessible from mobile devices) enabling monitoring and management of all SNMP, XML-RPC devices in networks of all sizes.

The software platform uses a single central database, an advanced time-series data aggregator and a powerful monitoring engine at the core. It combines the capabilities of an enterprise level NMS with a scaleable and redundant back-office engine that handles the monitoring of equipment across multiple sites, user notifications and the generation of detailed reports. It is offered as an On-Premises or SaaS (Software as a Service)


KYBIO puts the minds of users throughout an organisation at ease as it structures and simplifies the monitoring and management of all devices within any complex network topology.

Built with simplicity in mind, KYBIO Media is a fast network monitoring solution to deploy. Following an automated scan, KYBIO identifies and begins monitoring all your devices within minutes if not seconds. It can be installed on physical or virtual hosts, can be run on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment

SaaS & On-Premise Offerings

You can benefit from KYBIO Media across our new cloud-based SaaS offering to monitor up to 100 devices, designed to offer you maximum flexibility and the comfort of outsourcing a turnkey service to us.

With the ongoing FREE 3-month subscription, you will have access to all of KYBIO’s functions while the platform hosting, administration, and general maintenance are handled directly by our team. You will also have access to KYBIO’s extensive list of drivers and thanks to its API’s, it can easily be deployed into your existing ecosystem for immediate access to a complete set of powerful monitoring, management and control modules.

For larger Enterprise level ecosystems or complete customisation and additional services, contact us for the On-Premise solution.You can upgrade your license at any time.


Audemat Control SilverThe AUDEMAT CONTROL Silver can act as a local hub to interface with one or several legacy products within the network. It enables connections based on more traditional methods such as digital, analogue or audio inputs, relays and serial data.

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