WorldCast Manager

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Mobile ready, Scaleable, Monitoring & history tracking of SNMP and XML-RPC network devices.

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WorldCast Manager

WorldCast Manager is a powerful, scaleable unified Network Management Software solution, designed specifically for the broadcast, satellite and telco industries. It provides a centralised web interface (accessible from mobile devices) enabling monitoring and management of all SNMP, XML-RPC devices in networks of all sizes.

The software platform uses a single central database, an advanced time-series data aggregator and a powerful monitoring engine at the core. It combines the capabilities of an enterprise level NMS with a scaleable and redundant back-office engine that handles the monitoring of equipment across multiple sites, user notifications and the generation of detailed reports.

Built with simplicity in mind, WorldCast Manager comes with a powerful network discovery feature and an auto-configuration engine enabling very fast deployments whilst minimising the configuration and administration usually required from system managers.

WorldCast Manager

WorldCast Manager puts the minds of users throughout an organisation at ease as it structures and simplifies the monitoring and management of all devices within any complex network topology.

Audemat Control Silver


The AUDEMAT CONTROL Silver can act as a local hub to interface with one or several legacy products within the network. It enables connections based on more traditional methods such as digital, analogue or audio inputs, relays and serial data.