Audemat ScriptEasy

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• HTTP or HTTPS access for views and commands • User levels admin or guest, Tunneling, ping SNMP (SET, GET, GETBULK), SNMP traps

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Control System bundled with WorldCast and Baudion products

ScriptEasyScriptEasy is a powerful, intelligent graphical software application that makes it easy and intuitive to configure and control the most complex and challenging of installations. The flowthrough design and simple user interface, combined with powerful tools like the Scheduler and Advanced Programming Interface, mean that facility control devices operating with ScriptEasy have the power to control and communicate with a large number of remote control units, while remaining accessible and simple to put in place and use.



• Graphical scripts and view creation with drag and drop
• Logic doors, mathematical functions, timers, schedulers, pulses
• Counters, cycles, ping, push and press buttons
• Drawing tools and comments to help organize the script
• Advanced functions: Tunneling, ping SNMP commands
(SET, GET, GETBULK), SNMP trap reception
• Drivers for interconnectivity with 3rd party devices via serial connection
• Script operations can be simulated locally, modified, saved restored or copied from one unit to another.

Easy setup and user friendly configuration
  • Embedded web server
  • Access from anywhere
  • Set up automatic actions with an intuitive user interface
  • View all the readings and controls with the remote MasterView application
  • Easily change and copy remote control programming

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