Qbit Q806 MPX+AES Switch

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Q806 MPX/AES redundancy switch, GUI and SNMP management.

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Qbit‘s Q806 MPX Redundancy Switch:-  Digital/Analogue MPX Switching, AES Switching brings easy, flexible and reliable redundancy control to your MPX or Digital AES Audio signals.


Qbit’s long experience in developing and building high quality audio hardware is reflected in the Q806 MPX Redundancy Switch with two signal paths for each analogue as well as digital signal. Each path has two inputs and one output, configuration of signal routing to the output can either be set manually or automatically by the system.

In automatic mode, this decision is based on monitoring / measuring all available input signals and by configuring various switching criteria.

The system is built using latching relays, giving uninterrupted transmission of the configured input signal during power failure. For signal monitoring / measurement, all input signals (analogue, AES3) are converted into digital and processed by a digital signal processor (DSP).

Redundant power supplies, additional monitoring outputs at the rear and front (MPX, headphone) ensure safe operation.

Management and Control

Q806 MPX Redundancy Switch can be conveniently managed via the integrated web interface with all common web browsers. Monitoring and management is also available via SNMP.

The optional front panel display with jog-wheels adds further possibilities for convenient and simple handling of the Q806 on site.

  • MPX levels
  • Signal status
  • RDS level
  • Audio parameters

FM Broadcasting

  • MPX Redundancy Switching (Analogue and Digital)
  • AES Audio Redundancy Switching (Digital)

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