OPAL A/V Routing Switcher

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Video/Audio Routing switcher 4×4 to 16×16 (incl.HD/SDI)cascade up to 8 switchers.


OPAL series is a high performance, multi-format and compact Audio, Video and A/V routing switcher, modular design supporting both manual switching mode (pre-switch and OK trigger) and automatic switching mode (timing switching).

Highly flexible and good expansion ability with a choice of 21 I/O modules all within a 1U Rack frame design. Switching sizes range from 4×4 to 16×16 (4×1 to 8×8 for OPAL-VGA), incorporating in all cases a front panel LCD status and menu display along with front panel control buttons, control and configuration also possible with a dedicated PC application, compatable with CREATOR control protocol.

OPAL series can preset and store source and destination relation for direct switching. Switching takes place at the sixth line during blanking interval on the video reference signal so as to provide complete, stable and flicker-free images.

OPAL allows a mix of different formats in a single frame, such as CVBS, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, MONO-AUDIO, STEREO-AUDIO and VGA. It supports RS-232/422 control interface. The router also has an RS-485 interface used for frame cascading up to 8 OPAL series routing switchers. OPAL series features powerful expansion and compatibility.

OPAL routing switcher is ideal for several applications, including large screen display projectors, distance learning, command control centers and multimedia conference systems.