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Full scale multi-format Routing switcher 4×4 up to 128×128, 1U to 8U frame size.

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3G/HD-SDI Seamless Mixed Format Routing SwitcherOgden

ONYX is a full-scale and multi-format routing switcher that is available in large, medium and small sizes. ONYX supports various A/V signals and control signals, such as CVBS, YUV, RGB, VGA, VGA+AUDIO, DVI, HDMI, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, DVB-ASI, AUDIO, AES/EBU, DS3, RS-232/422. Multiple control interfaces include RS-232/422, LAN, CAN and C-BUS.

Switching sizes range from 4×4 to 128×128. ONYX supports 1RU, 2RU, 4RU, 5RU and 8RU frames. The platform supports any mix of formats, with Video resolution up to 1920×1200@60Hz (VESA standard) or 1080p/60 (HDTV standard).

It can achieve true seamless switching (0 frame switching). Black screen, blue screen, signal jittering, flashing, or cracking will not appear during the switching process.

In addition, ONYX series seamless mixed format routing switcher also supports audio (independent audio, embedded audio) switching and embedded/de-embedded processing. Audio and video can be bundled or independently switched.

ONYX uses a modular design with front and rear plug-ins to ease operations. 1RU and 2RU frames can be used for switching sizes of 32×32 or below; 3RU frame  for switching sizes of 16×16 RGB/8×8 RGBHV routing switcher and below; 4RU frame for switching sizes of 64×64 and below; 5RU frame can be used for switching sizes of 16×16 RGBHV routing switcher and below and a 8RU frame can be used for switching sizes of 128×128 and below. It can be upgraded and expanded “on-line” by changing the number of removable modules.

ONYX is controlled either locally via front panel buttons and LCD display or through numerous Ogden control panels or supporting control applications.

ONYX control system can perform SWITCH, CHECK, LOCK and SALVO. Redundant control modules are used to ensure stability and reliability. If the primary module fails, the backup module can be activated automatically or manually. Additionally, ONYX is compatible with multiple control protocols for many applications.

ONYX is equipped with reliable power and cooling systems. Redundant power supply is available in 2RU frames and above. 1RU frame uses one power supply. 2RU frames and above are equipped with a modular cooling system which can be replaced or upgraded “on-line”. 1RU frame is equipped with a fixed cooling assembly.

It is ideally suited for applications in broadcasting and television, professional A/V, video conferencing, and monitoring.

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