Ogden Multiviewer

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Compact, modular, high-resolution multi-viewer displaying 16 channel video and audio signals.

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High Stability, Reliability and Security

Ogden MultiviewerMVW-100 uses a hardware design in order to avoid the instability, narrow BUS bandwidth, poor intellectual property protection and virus threat of PC-based architecture. The multi-view processor uses an industry-leading A/V processing chip for high-quality A/V output.

The built-in cooling assembly greatly enhances the system’s reliability with redundant power supplies ensuring 24/7 continuous operation. MVW-100 uses a set of detection methods including real-time alarming capabilities for still frame and SDI with embedded audio and digital audio loss.

Flexible Modular Design

Depending on the size of the frame, up to 4 input modules can be placed in 1RU frame. Input modules in different formats can be processed in the same frame, including auto-detecting CVBS, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, DVI and VGA. MVW-100 can monitor graphics from the first channel to the sixteenth channel. The output module has 1 channel HDMI output (1920×1080P) which can be displayed on the mainstream LCD/LED or PDP monitor. The output module also supports 1 channel HDMI with embedded audio outputs and 1 channel analogue stereo audio outputs. Each channel output audio can be from different audio input sources.

Stable Working Mode, Flexible and Versatile Display Modes

Each input module in the MVW-100 uses multi-bus parallel processing mode, where each video signal is processed individually, and then the processed signals are sent in a unified format to the multi-view module for graphics combination.

Each input module has two audio input modes: SDI with embedded audio and analogue stereo audio. The audio signals are processed through the input module for unifying their signal format and calculating their VU and PPM value, and the processed audio signals are then output to multi-view combination module.

The multi-view combination module synchronizes the video signals from the 4 input modules, and output audio VU meter. The combination module can store 16 standard display templates and 16 user-defined display templates. Each display template can be configured to display a sub-window, each sub-window signal can be from different video sources.

Multi-function Integrity

MVW-100 supports TALLY indicator, UMD, VU/PPM meter, clock view and correction. TALLY indicator can be achieved through GPI/O. The input module provides each channel input video with TALLY signal input interface and dynamic UMD input interface. Users can choose the corresponding interface as needed. The UMD uses TSL protocol to support third-party router switch, or a UMD controller can directly drive MVW-100 to display the monitored signal’s name through RS232/422.

The MVW-100 multi-view features a number of options for flexible operator control, including a front-panel LCD menu, RS-232/422 serial port and TCP/IP control. MVW-100′ s window control software can work either on-line or off-line. The control software has multiple functions: display template designing, real-time control and parameter setting.

MVW-100 is ideal for broadcasting studio, master control room, OB truck, and AV field.