Jutel RadioMan ACCESS

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Cloud-based Radio Broadcasting Platform


JUTEL RadioMan® ACCESS is a cloud-native system for commercial and public radio broadcasters. The range platform covers the whole radio broadcasting production workflow. With JUTEL RadioMan® ACCESS digital content can be created, scheduled, organised, archived and distributed to one or multiple channels and locations.

RadioMan® ACCESS Planning, Script Editor, On-Air Playout and Distribution modules can be managed via a web browser. This gives the journalists in the field the freedom to create, edit and playout content easily from different locations.

Key Benefits of RadioMan ACCESS
  • Fast ROI with cloud-native architecture
    Easy deployment, fast upgrades with cloud architecture and less dedicated studio and user hardware
  • Location independent content creation, edit & playout
    Broadcast tools are always with you—tablet, laptop and PC supported
  • Adaptive workflows
    Optimised, role-based workflows to maximise productivity
  • Audio-over-IP ready
    IP audio broadcasting and distribution support with world leading IP audio environments
  • Full production suite from planning to distribution
    All you need platform for radio production needs

Jutel Radioman ACCESS

Environmental friendliness and substantial savings

RadioMan® ACCESS will significantly lower the total cost of IT space ownership and reduce the IT footprint of the broadcasting companies. The browser-based client interface eliminates the need for major on-site installations and dedicated hardware investments.

With ACCESS, production roll-out projects can be done utilising virtualization of back-end and application servers. This way broadcasting organisations will achieve a leap forward in ROI and reliability. Compared to traditional broadcasting systems, the companies using RadioMan® ACCESS will also gain substantial savings in the on-going maintenance and service costs.

Efficient processes with integrated systems

RadioMan® ACCESS can co-exist with multiple third party systems. This provides better workflow, higher resiliency, customisable rich metadata, modular architecture, and REST API / Message Queue based interoperability between radio, TV and web interfaces.

JUTEL Quick Edit Pro—Digital Multi-track Editor for Radio Journalists

A high-performance digital multi-track audio editor designed for radio production. It can be seamlessly integrated with JUTEL RadioMan ACCESS platform and production workflow. This easy to learn and fast to use audio editor is designed for journalists. With JUTEL Quick Edit Pro projects can be professionally executed and shared within teams or across a station.

JUTEL Quick Edit Pro audio editor

Quick Edit Pro is the world’s first audio editor solution with support for incoming and outgoing VoIP/SIP calls and recording and playback of IP audio feeds. It expands with the task from one to 23 tracks. JUTEL Quick Edit Pro audio editor is capable of non-destructive edits of in-coming feeds even as they are being recorded. It has an embedded ActiveX version for newsroom systems as well as VST plug-ins for effects and special processing.