Ecreso Switch Controller

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Control and Monitor up to 5 antenna switches, DAB/FM/TV

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  • Ecreso Low Power FM


Ecreso Switch Controller

The new Ecreso Switch Controller is a single, centralised unit which automatically moves RF switches at transmitter sites for Analogue Radio or Digital Radio. Reliable, robust and easy-to-use, it facilitates and secures maintenance and antenna switching operations whilst enhancing uptime and staff safety.

Highly configurable depending on the number of transmitters, antennas, patches or switches installed on-site, it also provides constant system control and monitoring, both locally and remotely.

Product BenefitsEcreso Switch Controller

  • Secures operations in high RF fields
  • Highly robust and reliable
  • Provides constant monitoring and testing for fault and lock conditions
  • Configurable presets
  • Single, centralised unit to automatically move up to 5 RF switches
  • Continuous system control and view, locally and remotely
  • Flexible and easy configuration PIN code protected for installation or maintenance uses
  • Huge number of GPIOs allowing to integrate field parameters in the operation chain (TX interlock, antenna lockout, RF probe values…)
  • Compliant with Spinner, Dielectric and other switches

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