Ecreso TX N+1 Control Unit

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Ecreso Highly Reliable N+1 Systems

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N+1 systems can be provided as complete turnkey solutions along with customised and compact rack integrations. The ECRESO N+1 control unit can manage up to 8 FM programs (up to 8+1 systems). Using standard SNMP protocol, any fault on the main transmitter is automatically detected by the ECRESO N+1 which switches to the reserve transmitter.

The ECRESO N+1 supplies the intelligence for the system and all delays, program priorities, switching conditions and many other parameters are fully configurable.

The control unit is fully equipped with all interfaces: safety loops, CAN bus and RF switches (from N to 1’5/8). The ECRESO N+1 provides powerful control through its intuitive Web based interface and for local and manual operation, the front panel offers fast and easy access through screens, status LED’s and buttons for manual switching or other actions.

The N+1 system also includes a set of AUDIO/MPX SWITCH equipment (fully managed by the ECRESO N+1) that feeds the correct audio/composite signals to the reserve transmitter.

Standard Features
  • Up to 8+1 system management
  • Detects TX alarms and switches to reserve unit
  • Easy front panel Status & Configuration
  • RF Switch commands & monitoring
  • TCP/IP with Web, SNMP, 24h Graphical History
  • Front panel, Serial, CAN and Interlock
  • GPIO’s
  • Surge Suppressor