Ecreso FM Receiver Silver

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FM RBR, audio out and dual MPX outputs, dual RF inputs.


FM Rebroadcast Receiver

A professional FM RBR capable of receiving a signal in difficult circumstances, FM Receiver Silver will monitor RF levels and MPX deviation to establish the presence of a suitable signal and display the current status via the LED front panel. The presence of Pilot and RDS signals are also monitored and the PI code can be decoded to ensure correct program tuning. Level meters offer a visualization of the current level of audio activity.

FM Receiver Silver, with dual RF inputs, also provides dual MPX outputs so it can also be used in conjunction with 1+1 or Dual Drive transmitter systems. Thanks to its IP/IO features, the unit offers contact closures (GPIO) and a TCP/IP connection for remote configuration and SNMP management.

Receiver silver generates an MPX baseband or audio signal output which can be used for high quality re-transmission which enables a broadcaster to provide complete coverage in shadow areas, tunnels and other “hard to reach” areas, without the costs and complexities of a hard wired or micro-wave link.

Ecreso FM Receiver Silver

  • Highly featured yet affordable rebroadcasting platform
  • Return path can be used for audio transport / talkback applications in conjunction with an audio codec (such as APT)
  • Save settings in user-configurable presets
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Serial port communication (bench configuration and reporting)
  • GPIO and a TCP/IP connection for remote configuration and SNMP management
  • Dual MPX output for installation of 1+1 or Dual Drive transmitter systems
  • Compatible with any make of transmitter
  • Backup received signal from different source:  RF input, dedicated µSD Card or IP Streaming
  • Dual RF inputs agile – 87.5 – 108 MHz
  • Automatic Switching between main and backup frequency
  • Selectable IF Bandwidth for easy installation of full FM spectrum
  • Selectable de-emphasis 50/75 µs.
  • Advanced Backup Management (RF / IP stream / µSD card)