Ecreso TX Control Unit 1+1

Quick details


Ecreso Redundancy Control Unit 1+1


Ecreso provide highly reliable Dual Drive and 1+1 systems for complete transmitter redundancy. At the heart of these redundant systems is the ECRESO CONTROL UNIT which can detect any fault and automatically switch to the reserve transmitter or exciter in case of failure of the on-air system. It can also act as the central management unit of your Ecreso FM Transmitter.

The ECRESO CONTROL UNIT can be equipped with GPIO’s and TCP/IP communication for web and SNMP based monitoring and control, such as WorldCast’s Kybio monitoring and control system.

Standard Features
  • Detects TX alarms and switches to reserve unit
  • Easy front panel Status & Configuration
  • RF Switch commands & monitoring
  • TCP/IP with Web, SNMP, AMI
  • Front panel, Serial, CAN and Interlock
  • GPIO Board
  • Surge Suppressor

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