Audioarts X-12

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X-12 is a fully contained, 12-fader standalone console combining the best of analogue and digital.

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Simple to install, easy to use and priced just right, the X-12 is our most popular console for streamlining any studio.

The X-12 digital console features a sleek, low-profile 12-fader surface that’s as simple to install and use as an analogue console. Its modular I/O design utilizing rear panel plug-in modules allows analogue or AES/EBU digital sources or a combination of both. Input channels each have selectable A/B sources, LED-illuminated ON, OFF and CUE switches, along with access to three stereo programme busses.

Monitoring functions with level control are available for control room, headphone and studio. There’s a built-in cue speaker and headphone socket, both with their own amplifiers and level controls. In addition to the main programme bus meters, there is a stereo pair of switched LED bargraph meters, which can monitor a variety of signals.

The X-12 digital console is also equipped with a patchable USB port for audio transfer to and from a computer or other device.

Console includes:-

  • Three main stereo busses, with analogue and digital outputs
  • 12 A/B dual source stereo line inputs (analogue or digital)
  • Two microphone preamps, patchable to any input fader, phone channel with talkback
  • 24-bit Audio resolution (44.1 or 48kHz)
  • Switched VU meters
  • Built-in Cue Speaker
  • Tabletop Mount and Rackmount Power Supply