Audioarts Lightning

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Audioarts Lightning – USB/Bluetooth connectivity

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Combining the best in a standalone console with the latest in modern conveniences such as USB and Bluetooth® connectivity.

The Lightning comes in 12 or 16 channel tabletop configurations and has a modular design with four channel input panels and a Master/Monitor panel with linear faders for headphone and control room level control. All faders are conductive plastic and all switches are LED illuminated. Input channels have A/B source selection, with balanced line in for the A source and trimmable -10 to +4 line in on B.

Standard features include four stereo program buses, two auto mix-minuses for phone-ins, four mic pre-amps with variable gain trim and switchable +48V phantom power, plus built-in headphone jack and CUE speaker amplifiers. Additional four channel mic pre-amp cards can be fitted if needed.

USB and Bluetooth connectivity onboard is useful for playing audio directly from a PC or to output audio to edit in VoxPro or other recording software, receive and record calls from Bluetooth enabled phones or play cuts from MP3 players. The console also contains a patchable AES input for connecting a digital source to any fader and built-in A/D conversion for the main programme output so operators can access the Programme Air feed as balanced analogue, AES3 digital, or both simultaneously.

This new mixing console is the latest addition to the Wheatstone Audioarts console line, which ranges in size and features from the streamlined 8 channel Audioarts 08 and compact Air-1 to the 12 channel Air-4 and 16 channel Air-5.