Audemat RDS Encoder

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Fully featured RDS Encoder, MPX over AES, RDS2 ready.

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The standard in RDS EncodersAudemat RDS Encoder

Audemat RDS Encoder

After worldwide success with the FMB80, WorldCast Systems has released a new RDS encoder full of novelties and innovations. One of the highlights of the Audemat RDS Encoder is the quality and spectral purity of its output signal that is equal if not better than its predecessor. However, to further improve this  WorldCast have implemented MPX over AES in the encoder giving a purity and quality never before achieved in an RDS encoder, along with a rich set of SNMP capabilities.

In addition to the basic functions expected, the Audemat RDS Encoder now offers great new features that will make it a success at least as great as the FMB80. In a desire for innovation and along with our expertise in the field of RDS, we worked with the RDS forum to develop an encoder compatible with RDS2 from the outset.

This new version of RDS encoder aligns with WorldCast Systems’ standards of quality, innovation and customer satisfaction to best meet market demands delivering the best RDS experience possible.

High quality and spectral purity

All WorldCast RDS encoders use surface-mount components and multi-layer circuit boards with a large ground plane. This enables us to keep high frequency signal paths very short and provides inherent shielding. The result is measurably better audio performance than other types of construction preventing the possibility of spurious signals affecting audio quality. Unlike some competing units, modulation of the data onto your composite signal is also in the digital domain for purity and freedom from interference.

Key features

Easily connected to your automation software for automatic display of song titles, artist names and much more on receivers.

MPX over AES functionality translates analogue MPX/Composite to a 192Khz sampled AES MPX/Composite signal, allowing a wider dynamic range, lower noise and distortion signal over the full MPX bandwidth.

Audemat RDS Encoder


Audemat RDS EncoderAudemat RDS Encoder


AUDEMAT RDS ENCODER is fully compliant with RDS/RBDS standards, supports all groups and features with TCP/IP connectivity for controll via a responsive web browser interface.







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