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RDS Encoder Silver – cost effective blend of Innovation, Reliability and Versatility.

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With more than 10,000 RDS/RBDS encoders sold worldwide, Audemat is recognized as probably the world leader in RDS/RBDS encoding with the new RDS Encoder Silver encoder offering a perfect blend of innovation, reliability and versatility. Using only the best design and components in order to preserve the spectral purity of your RDS signal and help make installation and adjustments easier.

Designed for continuous on air operation and are known for their reliability with solid state memory and no moving parts. Configuration is retained through power outages, every setting being controlled through software: there are no potentiometers or trimmer capacitors to age or realign.

The latest software interface and its configuration wizard enable you to quickly configure your PS, PI code, Radio Text message, PTY, Alternative Frequencies for automatic RDS retuning, Traffic Announcement support, etc…
It also includes innovative features such as PS scrolling and labeling and a command interpreter for a quick connection to any automation software.

Discover the key features making the RDS Encoder Silver the best RDS encoder in its price range.

The RDS subcarrier is part of your composite signal, it is critical to avoid any noise or interference which could affect the audio quality. In the RDS Encoder Silver (as in all Audemat RDS encoders), the RDS signal at the output of the encoder is derived entirely from digital data which is applied to a Digital ⇒ Analogue converter.

The analogue signal produced by the D/A converter is already modulated at 57kHz, contrary to many rival RDS encoders. This distinctive feature allows Audemat encoders to operate without the need of a band pass filter on the output of the RDS encoder. The signal and its purity are completely controlled in the digital domain. Only a low pass filter is used to eliminate the sampling frequency residue (around 1MHz) from the RDS signal.

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