Audemat FMB80

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Fully featured, Future proof, powerful RDS Encoder, supports all groups and features with TCP/IP connectivity.

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The standard in RDS Encoders

Audemat FMB80A world leader in RDS, Audemat is a pioneer in this technology and has played an active role in the RDS forum since  inception. Audemat RDS encoders are used on every continent and are one of the most accepted RDS brands throughout the world. With more than 20 years of RDS experience and over 12,000 units sold, you can be assured that Audemat  encoders will be the most efficient and dependable RDS solution for your station.

RDS, or Radio Data System, is a defined worldwide standard (IEC 62106) for transmitting information over a 57 kHz FM sub-carrier. This system is compatible with radio and car receivers from major manufacturers and can be used with industrial receivers for specific and proprietary applications.

FMB80 RDS encoder an Audemat top seller!!

FMB80 RDS Encoder is fully compliant with the RDS standards, supports all groups and features and offers TCP/IP connectivity.

FMB80 has separate FIFO and cyclical buffers for each type of group for efficient message handling. It can be easily connected to your automation software for automatic display of song titles, artist names and much more on receivers. Configuration and management can be through an embedded web server accessible via an Ethernet port on the unit.

High quality and spectral purity

All of our RDS encoders use surface-mount components and multi-layer circuit boards with a large ground plane. This enables us to keep high frequency signal paths very short, and provides inherent shielding. The result is measurably better audio performance than other types of construction. All our encoders construct their data digitally, using Wavelet technology at a sample rate of 912 kHz. This prevents any possibility of spurious signals affecting audio quality. Unlike some competing units, modulation of the data onto your composite signal is also in the digital domain for purity and freedom from interference.

Audemat FMB80

Since the RDS sub-carrier is part of your composite signal, it is critical to avoid any noise or interference which could affect the audio quality. In the FMB80 the RDS signal at the output of the encoder is derived entirely from digital data which is applied to a D/A (Digital ⇒ Analogue) converter.

The analogue signal produced by the D/A converter is already modulated at 57kHz, this distinctive feature permits Audemat encoders to operate without the need of a band pass filter on the output of the RDS encoder. The signal and its purity are completely controlled in the digital realm. Only a low pass filter is used to eliminate the sampling frequency residue (around 1MHz) from the RDS signal.

Audemat FMB80 supports RT+ for interactive radio applications and content tagging


Key features
  • Synchronization from an external 19 kHz source or automatic switch to an internal clock
  • Modification of injection level from 1 to 3199 mV in 1mV steps via software or a remote command
  • Adjustable sub-carrier phase
  • Ability to remotely enable/disable RDS/RBDS SCA via ASCII or UECP command
  • Configuration for Side Chain or Loop-Through operation
  • High quality power supply


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