Audemat FM Monitor Silver

Quick details



  • Monitoring up to 10 programs, FM parameters, Band scanning, Audio streaming. Real time measurements, analysis, content display and recording.



QoS Monitoring and Facility Management

AUDEMAT FM MONITOR Silver is a powerful, professional and affordable solution for FM monitoring at the transmitter site or within the coverage area. The unit sequentially monitors a set list of up to 10 stations and continuously ensures that your FM network complies with both legislation and your expectations.
It offers real-time and average RF & RDS measurements as well as audio streaming, RDS streaming, band scanning and optional I/O slots for remote control GPIO’s.

Key Features

• Monitoring of up to 10 FM stations
• Monitors RF, MPX, Audio, Pilot, RDS, MPX Power and content
• Automatic FM band scanning to detect intrusion or variations
• Real-time measurements and analysis with 1 month history and export
• Audio and RDS remote streaming, Audio recording
• Instant notification of any out-of-tolerance condition by Email, SMS, SNMP
• Transmitter & facility management capabilities with ScriptEasy for configuration, MasterView   for remote customized visualization.
• Using TCP/IP, AUDEMAT FM MONITOR SILVER is compatible with any SNMP based Manager such as WorldCast Manager

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