Audemat FM Modulation Analyzer

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The Test and Measurement standard for FM.

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The Modulation Analyzer is a complete Test and Measurement tool, incorporating several innovative features. It includes a digital FM demodulator, an RF spectrum analyzer, an oscilloscope, a dual channel audio generator, a distortion meter and MPX and RDS analyzers.

It is a ‘‘must-have” product for the control of transmitters, transmitter lines or dedicated FM equipment (receiver, encoder…)

It is available in 2 versions: the Standard version is supplied either with a sturdy and easily transportable fly case or simply as a rackable unit; the Laboratory Tools version is always supplied with the fly case.

You can easily replace several different products with a single Modulation Analyzer. It combines an audio analyzer, a distortion meter, a frequency meter, an RDS analyzer and an audio signal generator all in one unit. This unique combination enables you to save money not only on the original purchase price but also on maintenance and calibration

The automatic measurement sequence of the Modulation Analyzer enables you to produce a compliance report, reducing the time spent, increasing the overall production rate. With the Modulation Analyzer you also avoid human errors related to configuration and settings. Developed entirely with digital technology, you can trust the Modulation Analyzer’s reliability: it only requires calibration every 3 years as opposed to every year for most other measurement products.

The absence of analogue components from the RF input to the compliance report means that measurement reproducibility is ensured, additionally, with the Laboratory tools version, you can synchronize measurements to an external reference signal and integrate the Modulation Analyzer into an FM measurement bench.