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Comprehensive and versatile portable FM measurement platform

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Audemat FM MC5The Audemat FM MC5 is a worthy successor to the very popular FM MC4. It can be used as portable equipment for detailed monitoring within the coverage area, or for static field measurements. It is also perfect for commissioning and maintaining FM equipment at the Transmitter site. In a manufacturing environment, it is a truly comprehensive tool for both R&D and production teams to perform highly accurate verification and enable quality control on the assembly line.

It offers RF scanning, mobile RF analysis and RDS Decoding, MPX analysis, signal generation (RF MPX and audio) and a multitude of other test and analysis capabilities (frequency meter, distortion meter, Spectrum analyzer and Oscilloscope). It delivers truly powerful levels of performance and accuracy while remaining easy to use and providing highly useful data in a clear understandable format.

As a pioneering force behind the emergence of the mobile measurement market and the first to develop a product that enabled in-car drive tests back in 1996, Audemat are highly-regarded in this field. Previous offerings such as the FM MC3 and FM MC4 have sold in their hundreds and became the de-facto standard for several major broadcasters and regulation authorities worldwide. Now, the Audemat FM MC5 which offers several major advancements in terms of accuracy, portability and measurement capabilities, looks set to do the same for a new generation.

Outlining the methodology measuring deviation and multiplex power, ITU-R SM.1268-2 is a spectrum management recommendation requiring a high degree of accuracy and reliability. The platform’s precision and reliability means you can have complete confidence in the measurements it provides.

The latest innovations of this new 3.7.0 version include an integrated Reader, which drastically simplifies drive test data analysis and allows simultaneous on-field measurements of up to 10 campaigns and automatic report generation for precious time-savings and clear, visual measurement reports.

Audemat FM MC5

  • The RF Front end of the FM MC5 enables in-field measurement of both strong and weaker RF signals, instantaneous deviation accuracy provided by the FM MC5 is 20 times more precise than required by the recommendation
  • The MPX sample frequency of the FM MC5 is double that required; enabling more precise measurement of any MPX deviation, the MPX Power measurement of the FM MC5 is twice as accurate as required
Powerful Performance
  • In-car use, embedded GPS receiver logs location information with simultaneously acquired measurement data such as highly accurate RF modulation, audio, RDS, pilot and multipath levels & displays it all on user-friendly GUI
  • Simultaneous measurements of audio, composite and RF signal
  • Ensures compliance with regulations by measuring modulation (MPX) level, audio level, pilot & SCA Level & MPX Power
  • Local FM band scanning with recording of Levels and RDS parameters
  • RDS analysis – detailed analysis of the sub-carriers with complete RDS data decoding, Bit error Rate processing and TMC analysis
  • RDS Retuning allows automatic selection of frequency with best reception
  • Optional Goldenear software* for Mobile FM Reception Quality Analysis
Mobile field-strength campaign
  • Up to 4 kinds of representation: text, graph, geographical and cartographic
  • Overlay with MapPoint cartographic software
  • Easy exportation of results for comparison with simulation software
  • Automatic selection of the best received frequency (RDS re-tuning)

*Cost Option

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