Audemat Control Silver

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Control and monitor remote equipment, SNMP DTMF notifications. Audio backup playout. Includes ScriptEasy and MasterView


The Audemat Control Silver is a powerful yet compact system for management and monitoring of remote equipment. It can be configured to connect with any equipment at a remote site through serial ports, status or metering inputs, commands (relays) or IP. All devices linked to the Control Silver can then be monitored and controlled locally and remotely via a variety of communications modes, including (ADSL, LAN, GSM, PSTN…).

  • Connection with external equipment for data access
  • HTTP or HTTPS secured access for the views and commands
  • Status metering of audio inputs and commands (relays), outputs, data, commands and automatic actions
  • IP Tunneling for remote access to the terminal interface of external equipment
  • SCRIPTEASY EasyLink: integration of specific serial protocols for automatic monitoring
  • Management of external equipment via SNMP
Information management
  • Continuous monitoring and logging of status, values or levels
  • User level access rights, admin or guest mode
  • Triggering of automatic actions on out-of-tolerance conditions or on set schedules
  • Notifications on occurrence of specific conditions
Transmitter management

Automatic detection, control and monitoring of backup transmitters by using inputs/outputs and a script from ScriptEasy to trigger automatic or manual actions

Audio backup
  • Audio backup managed with the ScriptEasy script tool to provide security in case of loss of audio at the transmitter site, files played out via optional local SD Micro card (2Gb)

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