ATI MCDA-112 Master Clock

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Studio Master Clock Generator & 12 x Clock DA. AES3, AES11, Word/Super-Word inputs. BNC output.

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When working with digital audio, you need a stable sync reference for all of your audio components. The ATI MCDA-112 provides both an ultra-stable clock reference and a 1 x 12 clock distribution amplifier in a single 1U enclosure.

As a master clock generator, the MCDA-112 provides a total of 12 Word Clock or Super-Word Clock output signals to synchronise up to 12 devices in your studio. You can select between 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz sample rates with a dedicated front panel button. The MCDA-112 can also function as a 1 x 12 Clock Distribution Amplifier, accepting AES, Word Clock or Super-Word Clock as an external input and providing either Word Clock or Super-Word Clock to all 12 of its outputs.

The MCDA-112 bears the ATI Digital Audio logo assuring top performance and innovative circuitry. The internal clock reference is derived from a 24 MHz precision oscillator and divided down to achieve an ultra-stable signal, rather than multiplying up from a base reference as in some other units. All functions are fully addressable from the front panel and a unique front panel control lock can protect your settings.