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Digital Distribution Amplifier, Dual 1 x 6,110 Ohm, 92Khz Sampling, XLR I/O.

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New Series 2 Two-Input 1 x 12 or Dual 1 x 6  Digital Audio Distribution Amplifier

The new Series 2 DDA-212XLR gives you new features and flexibility. Now you can distribute digital audio at up to 192kHz sample rates with incredibly low jitter and ultra-short propagation delay.

A unique front-panel Mode Switch lets you configure the DDA-212XLR between Dual 1 X 6 or 2-Input 1 X 12 operation. Selectable re-clocking lets you precisely regenerate a pristine input signal or handle Surround-encoded audio. Sample Rate, Word Length, Fault Diagnostic and Pro/Consumer displays tell you your audio is clean or let you know why it’s not.

Push-button Input EQ optimizes for long input cables. Loop-thru connectors let you stack units for even more outputs or seamlessly insert the DDA-212XLR into your digital workflow. A front-panel lockout switch protects your system setup.

Series 2 units are also available with a choice of BNC I/O.