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  • Low cost separate Encoder and Decoder, with SureStream on single port for Reliable and robust encoding/decoding over IP networks


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These Simplex devices, the APT IP Encoder Silver and IP Decoder Silver combine to enable affordable professional delivery of audio content over IP networks.
Rich in features, APT IP Silver is perfect not only for standard broadcast applications such as STL and contribution links, but also for commercial IP audio distribution in retail, hospitality, hospitals, campuses and many other applications.These ½ RU wide units can sit on shelves or be rack-mounted (with the optional kit*), allowing for reduced density packing at sites where multiple audio streams are needed along with the separation and unit redundancy required for revenue impacting services.

Key Features
  • Low cost separate Encoder and Decoder
  • SureStream on single port for reliable and robust encoding/decoding of audio over IP networks
  • Standard Algorithms, Enhanced apt-X, linear audio and MPEG 2/4 HEAAC v1/2
  • Compact ½ x 1U unit, fit two units in 1U rack space
  • Compatible with APT & NACIP compliant codecs
  • Dynamic DNS Client with UPnP support
  • Single ETH port with VLAN support
  • Headphone monitoring for complete confidence
  • Intuitive web-based browser GUI
  • Embedded auxiliary data (Bi-Directional)
  • XLR connections
  • Supports SNMP monitoring
  • SNMP manager: communication possible with 10 x SNMP devices (more with optional licence)
With ScriptEasy supplied as standard, you can now enjoy ‘intelligent’ audio networking

Scripteasy for APT IP audio codecsScriptEasy is an easy-to-use scripting tool that provides enhanced management and control of the unit AND its ‘ecosystem’. This means that, using SNMP GET and SET commands, you can also control several external devices and how the IP Silver interacts with them.

ScriptEasy Scheduler

You can use ScriptEasy to specify many different combinations of alarms and events and define precisely what action should be triggered should any of these occur.  You can establish back-up switching, load profiles, create alerts etc..

ScriptEasy is the core software for the remote control and telemetry range within WorldCast Systems. You can read more about it or view the video here.

MasterView, the graphical element of ScriptEasy software, also provides consolidated monitoring; bringing together data received via SNMP with controls from traditional I/O and summary data into a user-friendly dashboard view.  The dashboard provides easily-understandable information showing the status of different parameters on several units throughout your network.
Typical Applications:
  • Studio Transmitter Links
  • Confidence Monitoring
  • Commercial IP audio distribution
  • IP music distribution systems in hotels, hospitals, campuses etc..
  • In-store audio distribution applications

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